Kevin Greenleaves’s latest work is around Conscious Leadership, and he thinks that this is what many of us need.

As the world of business is becoming faster, more exposed, globally multi-cultured, more socially connected & with a more demanding workforce. At the same time, there are demands for a moral and ethical upgrade in business practice, huge shifts in the ownership structures for businesses and a seemingly endless demand for transformation.

He talks with hundreds of leaders & the conversation is usually about symptoms – “I can’t engage with my workforce”, “I can’t get my leadership style right for my culture”, “I can’t find time to do the strategic”.

Almost every time, he finds that the leader hasn’t really stopped to think about the leader that they need to be. When they do, their world changes, and with it the performance of their businesses.

This is what he does – stop the world so that they can build a clear perspective, design the leader that they need to be for the circumstances that they face and designs the great leadership moments or interventions that enable them to deliver.

This is a level of consciousness that is distinctive; simply he calls it Conscious Leadership and it will be transformational for you, your organisation and your business.