Amy Sawbridge


Amy is passionate about helping businesses create authentic & consistent brand experiences & representations.

She started her current career path with a two-week temp job in a small HR team for an obscure charity. This was despite her dad’s best attempts to convince her that HR wasn’t the best career choice, based on his own experience in employee relations!

Throughout her career she’s worked with iconic brands, both as an employee & a consultant, across sectors ranging from aviation, hotels, healthcare, telecoms, fashion, tech & space tourism.

After treading a pretty standard HR path for a few years, Amy found her ‘sweet spot’ at the intersection of HR (or People, as she prefers) & Brand.

She’s fluent at bridging the gap that often exists between the People function and Brand & Marketing to ensure that all elements of brand experience, & how it’s represented, are aligned.

As part of Virgin’s Global Brand team, she led the People Experience function, working with the People teams in all of the Virgin companies across the globe – i.e. 60+ brands in 30+ countries.

What we do

Amy helps businesses create consistency between what they say & what they do.

DEFINE: Identify & articulate what your brand stands for as an employer – what’s the ‘promise’ that your brand makes to employees?

DELIVER: Develop a strategy to ensure that your ‘promise’ is truly experienced by your employees throughout the lifecycle & that this experience is represented accurately in communications

EMBED: Set you up for ongoing success by designing the best ways of working within your organisation to embed your ‘promise’.

Amy firmly believes that your ‘promise’ must have a positive impact on your employees’ experiences every day & isn’t just a one-off exercise.