Culture is key to avoiding reputational risk

Chief executives must be flag bearers of brand reputation in the face of potentially damaging cultural risks Article by Karam Filfilan Freelance business editor and journalist specialising in human resources, the future of work and innovation. Previously deputy editor of Changeboard. A toxic culture creates a variety of risks for a business. From reputational damage brought on by revelations [...]

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Change the filling in your habit sandwich

Emily Lowe writes I don’t know about you, but I think New Year’s Resolutions suck. If I want to change something, I want to do it now. Why wait until the middle of winter when I’ve just over-indulged and it’s cold and dark outside? Surely that’s the hardest time to do anything new and make it stick for the [...]

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Changing the lens on mental health

In a frank and open discussion regarding their own experiences of mental ill health, writer, communicator and strategist, Alastair Campbell, and ex-global VP for HR at Unilever, Geoff McDonald, took to the RGS stage for a session titled 'Changing the lens on mental health'. Facilitated by CEO and founder of Complete Coherence, Dr. Alan Watkins, the session touched upon [...]

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Employee engagement beyond first sight

Many companies agree that the world of work has undergone a seismic shift.  Technology, globalization and rapidly changing economic forces have mobilised us, connected us, and opened up completely new ways of doing business.  For the first time in history, the workplace is experiencing five generations at work, with the Millennials soon approaching the largest group; by 2025, three [...]

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