Clara Cringle


With a background in HR my passion has always been building strong, high performing teams and cultures. Having made the leap into Brand Marketing, I quickly saw how organisations often treat their consumers and consumer brand as more important than their people, which seemed crazy, as ultimately your people are your brand! It felt obvious to have a truly amazing brand that consumers fall in love with, you need infectiously passionate and loyal people that drive that ethos forward. Today, a strong business ‘plan’ is no longer good enough to drive success….I felt like a knew a special secret so I left Red Bull in pursuit of sharing this knowledge and injecting a little sparkle into the working lives of others.

What we do

FizzPopBANG is a Brand Employee Engagement consultancy. We believe in the power of combining a strong brand (Fizz) with a nurtured culture of high performing people (Pop) to create amazing results (BANG) and work with companies to help achieve this through a tried and tested approach. We help develop company brand and business plans alongside people and company cultures. The perfect mix. It’s as easy as Fizz+Pop=BANG!

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