Derek Draper


Derek Draper has worked as a leadership consultant, business psychologist and executive coach for over twelve years. He is the co-founder and CEO of CDP Leadership Consultants and prior to CDP was Managing Consultant and Head of Business Development for the UK and Europe at the global consultancy YSC.

He has assessed and developed senior business people in twenty FTSE 100 companies and in some of the largest privately held companies in the world. As well as working in the UK he has worked with businesses in the Nordics, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Although he assesses and coaches at all levels, his speciality is working with senior executives – business unit leaders, C-suite functional leaders and CEOs. He also helps private equity firms develop their partners and choose the right leaders for their portfolio businesses. As well as working with individuals he runs team-effectiveness interventions and consults on organisational leadership strategy, values and culture.

Today, as well as leading CDP he has a small psychotherapy practice in Bloomsbury and is a Governor of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. He is an active member of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP). He lives in London with his wife, the TV presenter Kate Garraway, and their two children, Darcy and Bill.

What we do

CDP transforms your business performance by working at the deepest level to unlock the potential of your people. CDP’s 25 leadership experts are passionate about helping people find and unlock their untapped layers of potential. We start by rigorously auditing your talent, leaders, teams and organisation and then, by working at a deep psychological level – tackling root causes, blind spots and derailers – we bring about profound and lasting changes in performance.

Our focus is on improving performance and therefore providing significant ROI to our clients. We offer:

  • In-depth individual leadership audits for selection, promotion and development
  • High performance executive, return to work, impact and transitions coaching
  • Team effectiveness interventions (including board effectiveness)
  • Organisation Development and cultural change support
  • High level leadership and talent consultancy at CEO and HRD level

“I have had mentors, advisers and consultants around me for years – and even had other coaches – but what stood out about Derek was the way in which he really understands the pressures a CEO can be under, and how it is a unique position. He has dealt with heavyweight people and isn’t intimidated but he really created a space for me to think more deeply than I have for a long time. I felt strangely liberated by the work we did and it has changed who I am in the business, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. He’s also made me much clearer about what comes next for me…”