Ordinary people – Extraordinary performance

What makes ordinary people in organisations perform extraordinarily? Dr Marc Kahn exposes the surprising thinking that provides the answer. Ordinary people - Extraordinary performance,  a talk by  Dr Marc Kahn at TEDx King Alfred School. Marc is Global Head of HR & OD at Investec, Visiting Professor at Middlesex University, a Speaker & Author

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Lights Camera Collaboration

Lights, Camera...... Collaboration! What Organisations can learn from Hollywood by Anthony Topham A few years ago whilst working on the set of the film Credence, in between takes I found myself observing the way the team worked. Reflecting on that experience through a consultants lens, a couple of weeks after filming had finished I chatted with Mike to [...]

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Culture is key to avoiding reputational risk

Chief executives must be flag bearers of brand reputation in the face of potentially damaging cultural risks Article by Karam Filfilan Freelance business editor and journalist specialising in human resources, the future of work and innovation. Previously deputy editor of Changeboard. A toxic culture creates a variety of risks for a business. From reputational damage brought on by revelations [...]

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Solving the puzzle of transformation

Guest Article by Colin Hatfield, Founder, Visible Leaders  I’m a sucker for a McKinsey report (the Productivity Imperative for Healthcare Delivery in the United States anyone?), and so given just about every conversation I have with a client is transformation-related, I felt compelled to revisit an article from 2017: ‘The People Power of Transformations’. While the article confirms a [...]

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Change the filling in your habit sandwich

Emily Lowe writes I don’t know about you, but I think New Year’s Resolutions suck. If I want to change something, I want to do it now. Why wait until the middle of winter when I’ve just over-indulged and it’s cold and dark outside? Surely that’s the hardest time to do anything new and make it stick for the [...]

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How to ensure your business works for a diverse range of people

With the benefits of diversity in the workplace so abundantly clear, on both a human and business level, many companies are keen to ensure they are an attractive proposition to a diverse range of potential employees. Here Kirstin Furber, previously Head of HR at the BBC and now Chief People Officer at ClearScore, explains how she believes the task [...]

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The State of AI in 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to disrupt life and work as we know it, but given all that is going on in the world, why is now the right time to tackle this particular industry or problem? In finding an answer, we must first identify where we are along AI's continuum and understand why now might be a pivotal point in its [...]

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Making Sense of Strategy

Effectively communicating strategy can be one of the more tricky challenges facing an organisation. Go into too much detail and audiences glaze over pretty quickly as death-by-PowerPoint is inflicted upon them. Or pitch it at too high a level and no-one is any the wiser about what it means for them. Which, by the way, is the question that [...]

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Why great people quit good jobs

Christine Lindor explains why "Constantly working in a 'survival mode' environment is at best uninspiring, and at worst exhausting. The hard truth is that many organisations operate in survival mode." Christine Lindor is a seasoned, award-winning management consultant with expertise in organisational change and digital transformation. With 15+ years’ experience working at the top consulting firms, she specialises in helping [...]

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Human Centred Technology

For Arianna Huffington, an inclusive digital revolution must include protecting people from the addictive nature of phones and social media in an 'attention economy'. What do you mean when you say the future is going to be about human-centred technology? One of the biggest stories of the past few years in technology has been our awareness of the impact [...]

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