Kevin Greenleaves


I’m a leadership transformer, of senior executives & their teams. I am passionate about this work – it creates better leaders, healthier organisations & powerful teams that can do anything.

I’ve been studying leadership for a long-time, it’s my special field of interest. Leadership matters, it is a word often said but rarely practised well.

How do you learn to transform leadership? It’s quite a long journey. Most importantly, you have to really want to do this work & to do it well. In the absence of this, you’ll never have enough conviction to pursue the last 5% or to put yourself on the line for a breakthrough.

Then you need to learn leadership, not from a book, but from doing it. There is no substitute. For me, I learnt most of my hands on leadership at Hewlett-Packard in the 80/90s when it was a benchmark organisation. I’ve started businesses, grown them quickly, turned around failing businesses & bought businesses. All priceless experiences.

Part two of this learning has been the last twelve years of hands-on experience working with leaders, top-teams & organisations. I’ve consciously done this in different sectors, continents, companies & cultures to really maximise that learning. It’s made for a fabulous library of experience & understanding.

Finally you have to sort yourself out. Moving from being a top executive to a coach isn’t as simple as you might think. It takes a few years to iron out the kinks that you accumulate as an exec. Until you are neutral & balanced you aren’t that much use to other people, in fact you’ll probably get in the way. Then you have to learn to coach, another long journey. I think the biggest breakthrough for me was learning to be a coach, rather than to just do coaching.

What we do

Using proven and effective diagnosis tools and processes we take time to understand the root cause of any performance constraints, whilst at the same time take time to get to know you and your business environment.

This ensures that we are able to then swiftly design and implement the right solution for you that will achieve optimal performance gain and return on investment.

These solutions are carefully crafted from our business propositions illustrated in the diagram to the right, but in essence Q4 Solutions delivers hybrid, tailored performance and leadership solutions that harness commercial business acumen, military discipline and resilience together with academic innovation and rigour.

I’m a great believer in the power of teams. With a sports team, we almost take it for granted that you have nothing without the team. In business, we’ll probably recognise a bad team but we’ll rarely make an investment to create a great team. I think we should do more of this.

We’ve invested lots of time trying to understand teams in the past & I think that we might have made it too complicated. We’ve designed team coaching, team development, team facilitation & experiential development. Eventually, I think it just comes down to three simple steps …

What are we trying to achieve & what is a worthy goal? How will this challenge us as a team? What are the critical conversations that we avoid or now need to have?

It sounds pretty simple but it does seem to work. Of course, we’ll learn about your business ahead of time, approach the assignment with a great deal of ambition for what can be achieved, draw on a deep foundation of team coaching skill & will put all of us into every project. Hopefully, we’ll approach this with a bit of humour & light-heartedness as well.

The results are both transformational & game-changing.