Lord Chris Holmes



Chris has extensive and varied experience across the public and private sector. An ex-corporate lawyer, Chris is an active member of the Lords with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion and the opportunities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Chris is co-author House of Lords Select Committee Reports on: Artificial Intelligence [2018], Financial Exclusion [2017], Social Mobility [2016] and Digital Skills [2015] He is co-chair of Parliamentary Groups on Assistive Technology,  Fintech, Blockchain and the 4th Industrial Revolution and has published a report; “Distributed Ledger Technologies for Public Good: leadership, collaboration and innovation” calling on the Government to look at the challenges and opportunities of this technology for improving public services.

Chris campaigns on various issues around accessibility, inclusion and social mobility and advises the Government on Diversity & Inclusion. Chris is also Chair of the Global Disability Innovation Hub, a Paralympic legacy project that is leading the way in applying technology and innovation to accessible design and is non-executive director at Channel 4.  He is also Chair of a niche innovation and change consultancy, applying the lessons and approaches of world class performance sport to public and private sector clients.

Prior to entering the Lords, Chris was Director of Paralympic Integration at the London 2012 Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and is himself a former Paralympic swimmer who won nine gold, five silver and one bronze medal across four Games, including a record haul of six golds at Barcelona 1992.

What we do

Chris is an eloquent and inspirational public speaker with extensive experience of presenting in the UK and abroad. Chris’s life story teaches any audience that no matter the obstacle, anything is possible and he communicates this powerful message with incredible warmth, humour and humility.

Chris’s thought leadership on all things technological; the opportunities and challenges of the 4th industrial revolution, how to approach organisational challenges in the face of artificial intelligence and how distributed ledger technologies could transform public service have proved incredibly popular recently.

Chris always works closely with clients to understand the unique requirements and objectives of an event or programme, thus presentations are always tailored to a particular organisation and audience, but some illustrative speech topics are:

  • Digital disruption and artificial intelligence; are we ready for the 4th industrial revolution?
  • Workforce of the future: the augmented human.
  • Benefits of diversity and inclusion
  • Inclusion breeds innovation
  • Being the leader of your own life
  • The winning mentality
  • World class performance
  • Resourcefulness
  • Brand and cause
  • The importance of team building and galvanizing that group with a particular vision; “teams and dreams”.

As well as stand-alone speaking and conference chairing engagements Chris works with clients – such as Burberry and Barclays – on an extended basis and in an advisory capacity; overseeing, for example,  change programmes, culture transformation, leadership development and mentoring.

Following a recent academic lecture Chris delivered on ‘Inclusion for Innovation’ it was observed that Chris’s life and work shows how “one person with a passion can actually change the world.”