Porteur Keene


I have been lucky enough to have worked in the ‘Talent’ space since graduation, and it’s a space that I love!

I began my post University career with the Human Capital practice of Arthur Andersen in London before subsequently joining a boutique Search firm in the City, focusing on roles both within corporates and consulting firms. These were the years in which I listened and learned and cemented my love of the space I am still working in today.

In 2004, I co-founded Changeboard, having spotted an opportunity to build a global HR community. Changeboard’s annual flagship Future Talent Conference has become the go-to event in the UK to discover how to address the major Future Talent business issues of our time. This year, as well as reviewing the business, economic, cultural, social and health impacts of AI, we also examined how we can re-boot the human operating system. The conference aimed to explore the skills that we will all need, as individuals and organisations, in this brave new world. Wellbeing, mental health, diversity, inclusion, social mobility and creativity are some of the levers that can unlock our individual and collective ability to thrive…and these subjects were explored by a multitude of globally recognised thought leaders. I am the Executive Chairman at Changeboard, an organisation that I love and is headed up by Jim, my buddy who I have worked with for over 23 years.

April 2018 sees the launch of a new venture called Art of Talent, a collective of some of the most effective practitioners and thought leaders in the Talent space.

In addition to founding Art of Talent I am also the Chairman of FizzPopBang who are Brand Employee Engagement specialists and I work as a mentor to a number of senior individuals in the talent space which is an extremely rewarding role for me.

What we do

Art of Talent was conceived to bring a fresh perspective to the ‘talent’ space and to assemble some of the brightest minds together into a collective whereby the sum of the parts becomes a serious game-changer for clients.

I have spent the last 23 years with senior Talent Professionals, both as a headhunter and as someone running various consulting offerings. I have listened to these individuals, to their passions, their concerns and their frustrations.  In the main, most of these individuals want to bring positive change to their organisations and to make them places where employees will thrive as people and develop hugely as professionals.

The roles that these senior stakeholders play within their respective corporates is in many cases a lonely one, and knowing that my network consists of their senior peers who have no doubt had to face similar issues themselves, I have frequently been asked to advise across a range of issues.  In many cases I have simply set up coffee meets for these individuals, however more and more it has been a case of recommending specialists who can potentially help them to design effective and sustainable solutions. Many of these solutions have been a multi-layered, involving the input of more than one practitioner.

So ‘Art of Talent’ has been honed to bring together a group of rather wonderful people, all of whom I know personally and have done for many years. In certain circumstances they can offer the client a solution as individuals, however in many scenarios they will combine to execute a solution. This collective/collegiate approach to problem solving will be game changing for many organisations and will in many cases offer solutions that the client would not have foreseen.

As a collective we are also in the process of bringing together 150 of the brightest corporate ‘Talent’ stakeholders into a private group. Why? Because we want them to meet with each other regularly in an environment where no one is pushing a hidden agenda, so that they can share losses and victories and to collaborate with each other. We hope to encourage the members to see that the power of collaboration and a sense of being open-minded is a great thing. Serendipity will underpin all that we do.

And me…well apart from being the Founder of this rather cool initiative, I will be running senior search and assessment projects across corporate, financial services and professional services institutions. I have extensive experience of appointing Chief Human Resources Officers, Talent, Resourcing, Learning, Organisational Development, Reward and other Niche roles in the Talent space complemented by a colleague Andy Gray who will be doing the same in the Digital space. So, do contact me should you wish to scope out a potential role in either area.