Tom Crawford


After a bit of an indulgent but fun degree in German and French from a leading UK university, Tom persuaded British Airways that he needed to be one of 23 global management trainees out of a candidate pool of 10,000. Aged 23 (1995) they “forced” him to go spend 18 fabulous months at LAX being a BA front of house manager. This gave him a grounding in high end customer service, hospitality, dealing with difficult and challenging people. For four more years, BA continued to groom him around the world in all things corporate and how to run a business. Determined to become a specialist in organisational behaviours, Tom then ran a niche consulting practice within Omnicom for over six years; during this time he led global projects for clients such as GSK, Nokia, Volvo, Philips, amongst others, helping those organisations identify and define the right culture and behaviours in order to be successful. After that Tom was an HR Director at Deloitte in the UK and a Director of Employee Engagement in the energy industry, all with a remit to ensure the right individual and collective behaviours were in play to make the business successful.

Seeking a life style change and driven by a desire to get back to what he enjoys most, ie going into companies and helping shape the human aspects which make them successful, Tom ran away to France and started consulting. Tom passionately believes that we can all do great things, we just sometimes need a strong (sometimes challenging) partner or coach to identify those buried strengths and talents and extract them before polishing them into something amazing.

What we do

Since 2000 I have been working in the field of Brand and Talent – working inside and consulting to blue chip organisations on a global basis. I have written, consulted and spoken widely on some of the following issues and challenges;

  • Does the organisation’s brand get the right talent in the first place?
  • What is the deal between an organisation and its talent – ie what do employees get from the brand in return from delivering the brand appropriately to consumers?
  • Link between employee engagement and that of the consumer
  • If brand is dependent on talent how does HR raise its game, or alternatively how does marketing acquire the talent agenda?
  • How do you bring marketing behaviours into HR? Ie understanding and segmenting your audience even if you have a common message?
  • Factors that impact perceptions of a brand as an employer – diversity, corporate social responsibility, leadership behaviours
  • How do you create the right culture for the organisation, its people and its product?

Tom believes that all cultural and environmental interventions inside organisations need to have line of sight back up to the customer in a way which builds the brand and reputation of that business. We live in a viral world! People and their behaviours make great brands or destroy them!

He spends a lot of time going into organisations and rooting out the behavioural and cultural improvements they need to make and also coaching senior people to work well together and bring the organisation’s brand to life internally. As a subject matter expert, Tom is still a regular on the conference circuit and often writes opinion pieces. He’s also churned out two novels.

Outside of work Tom can bore you on subjects relating from dogs to all things French (especially the food and wine of which he’s particularly fond) and British cars of the 1970s. When not travelling on a plane and living in a hotel en route to see his clients, Tom is to be found in his remote French farmhouse talking to dogs and drinking wine with elderly farmers.